Mobile SystemPanel 2005

Mobile SystemPanel 2005 2.9

The perfect information panel for everyday business life

Mobile SystemPanel 2005, the new Software from Sellit Hungary Bt., is the perfect information panel for everyday business life. This Software provides a lot of useful functions to control your Pocket PC. It is highly compatible with all devices. Now you have got every important information on one panel! It is simple to use and it is also a very thin application. Control your devices from Mobile SystemPanel 2005 to give your hardware buttons a longer life.

Mobile SystemPanel 2005 provides the following features:

• Now storage card information is visible on the panel
• Displays the total and available memory in MB of the storage card
• Shows the storage card memory status in a graphical bar
• Critical storage memory status bar in orange (<50%) and in red (<25%)
• Fully integrated task manager shows all running tasks
• Users can close specified running task
• Now users can make a hard-reset from the main menu
• Network information panel shows the user important information about connectivity:

  • Shows the wireless adapter name

  • Shows the IP address

  • Shows the Default Gateway

  • Shows the DHCP Server

  • Shows if DHCP is enabled

  • Shows the Subnet Mask

  • Select network adapter

  • Shows the MAC-adress

Keep Mobile SystemPanel 2005 running in background and put a shortcut to the today screen!

Mobile SystemPanel 2005


Mobile SystemPanel 2005 2.9

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